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Idea: 'Godzilla - The Heisei Series' Remastered
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27-Jun-2020, 12:26 AM
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25-Jul-2020, 5:10 AM
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The Heisei series has always been my favorite of the eras of Godzilla. I love the stories and continuity, I love the aesthetic and kaiju designs, I love the music, the special effects were some of the most impressive the franchise has ever shown, and it easily has the most iconic and quintessential portrayal of Godzilla (at least its easily my personal favorite). Biollante, King Ghidorah, MGII, and Destoroyah are my all time favorite kaiju movies. However, the series still isn’t flawless. Not all of the effects have aged well, the foreign acting (especially in Biollante and King Ghidorah) is laughably bad and extraordinarily cringe, the first entry (The Return of Godzilla) is in my opinion an absolute stale bore that puts me to sleep whenever I decide to put myself through the chore of sitting through it, and other things. But I’d like to fix these.

Right now I’m really only brainstorming, but here’s a list of edit ideas:

These two are going to be combined into one film. This is definitely going to be the most hardcore of all of the edits. The opening parts of TROG showing Godzilla attacking the ship and the stuff about the government realizing Godzilla is back are going to be intercut with the stuff setting up Biollante. This does mean that Godzilla emerging from the volcano will be removed, but this was done again in Godzilla vs. Mothra but even better so meh. From there it’s mostly going to be Godzilla vs. Biollante. The battles at sea with Godzilla from GvB will remain (of course the Super X II will now just be the Super X so now it makes sense), the two monsters meet up, Godzilla beats her, Godzilla then goes on a rampage, and so on. I’m going to elaborate more on how I’m going to do this as I’m working on it, right now I’m just brainstorming. I do know that no parts from TROG actually showing Godzilla are going to be retained. This removes the suit that not only in my opinion is pretty derpy, but also screws with the continuity a bit. Any Godzilla destroying the city scenes are going to be from Godzilla vs. Biollante. It’s not like The Return of Godzilla had really good destruction scenes anyway, since all he really does is slowly meander around and occasionally stumble into a building as if he’s drunk. He hardly destroys any buildings (I think there’s only 2 buildings in the entire film which he actually intentionally destroys), which is a lot of what drags down the film for me.

Any bad English lines will be replaced with the English dubbed versions.

-Cut bad M11 running effects. There are some that actually look quite good, but the one’s in which he looks like he’s on a conveyor belt making running motions are going to go.
-Make multiple trims to the Godzillasaurus sequence to remove American bad dialogue (and any that remain will be replaced by the English dubbed versions) and matte shots.
-Cut the fighter jet sequence with King Ghidorah (this scene was a last minute addition and it shows).
-The time travel, with new subtitles, will be explained in a way that makes sense, as while it does make sense after doing research using Wikizilla it doesn’t make much sense by just watching the film alone.

-Cut any examples of the daughter being annoying.
-Cut down times when the environmental message is heavy-handed.
-Cut any over-the-top dialogue or moments.
-Cut wonky effects during Mothra and Battra’s battle or any other examples throughout the film.
-All English lines will be replaced with the English dubbed versions.

-Trim any wonky matte shots in which matte lines are clearly visible.
-All English lines (such as the American character Dr. Asimov) will be replaced with the English dubbed versions.
-Reinsert deleted scene of Miki and BabyGodzilla. I will need help with this one since it will need to be upscaled to HD and given subtitles, but I think this scene would be a great addition, since it helps Miki’s character arc here.

-Cut all of the Cosmos screen presence in the film. They really serve no purpose and this little subplot is not paid off.
-Cut space battle between Moguera and SpaceGodzilla and all setup scenes for it. Very disappointing battle with very rushed looking effects.
-Trim down Miki’s dialogue about men thinking about fighting all the time.
-Cut Koji and Kiyo trying to help Yuki fight Godzilla. They seriously think that they can do jack shit against the monster that beat Super Mechagodzilla?
-Cut dumb Mafia subplot that makes no sense. Like, first off, if the technology for Project T didn’t work the first time, why tf would they think it would work the second time? Second, what is an evolutionary biologist doing in the Mafia? And G-Force must be absolute shit at background checks if someone who’s a part of the Mafia comes in. Helicopter scene in which Yuki’s motivation for his hatred towards Godzilla will be moved to earlier in the film.
-Trim final battle to remove any shots in which the team forgot to put in appropriate beams.
-Cut dialogue at the end about SpaceGodzilla being a warning to mankind.
-All English lines will be replaced with the English dubbed versions.

-Cut the two wide shots that utilized Bandai Juvenile Destoroyah’s during freezer canon sequence.
-Trim any shots of Destoroyah in which he doesn’t flap his wings for an unbelievable amount of time (they were generally really good with this, but some examples still exist that need to be fixed).
-All English lines will be replaced with the English dubbed versions.

More and more specifics will be added overtime but these are the ideas I can come up with at the moment. Suggestions are more then welcome.