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23-Jun-2020, 7:14 PM

CMMAP said:

ExpandedUniverses said:
It’s an unpopular opinion, but I personally like the ending and think “Mad Queen” Daenerys was heavily hinted at throughout the series. But I know a lot of people dislike the ending, and I know it’s not for everyone.

Me personally, don´t think this is a necessarily bad ending (except bran as king), it is how it´s done (storytelling, plotarmor, pace and of course things like “daeny kind of forgot about the iron fleet”).

Your suggestion could work, but what to do about major side characters like varys or littlefinger? It is tough to integrate them without beeing killed, they would become just background characters.
The night king could be killed by bran, also. @almightycutie did a fairly good approach on this in his “GoT Redeemed” edit by simulating the nk breaks aryas neck and bran pass into her to let the dagger drop and to stab him.
Also removing plotarmor for jamie, sam, brienne. He edited these faces and aryas into the funeral.

All things ive thought about for a long time, but it still dosent satisfy me.

I might have Dany fly straight to the Red Keep after The Loot Train to settle the Cersei arc BEFORE the battle at winterfell. That way, the night king gets to be the deserved final foe of the story, and we can focus on what really matters.

I will for sure release the last two seasons/edits with two alternate tracks, one with the LOTR score and one with the original GOT, for others to enjoy my alternate ending.

I will come back to this matter when I’ve finished season 6. Then we will have some good discussions.