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Star Wars Theory's Darth Vader Fan Series
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21-Jun-2020, 6:57 PM
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The man has a patreon for his many channels - carefully wording his videos as to give the impression any patreon monies will not be used for his Vader fan films. Which in turn seems also an advert for them; along the lines of ‘I can’t ask directly for you guys to fund my fan film - but you can instead donate to my channels here, and also buy merch for the fan film / my channels - links are listed here’

His new fan films, he claims, are going to have higher production values than before, larger scale, more actors etc - and really wants to let you know he badly wants a house - but will forgo that to do these films - and then mentions to donate to his patreon and buy merch based on the fan film (and his other stuff)…

My Final Decision with the Channel’ - 17 minute ‘Vader fan film Ep II announcement’ youtube video:- (the comments are worth checking out)


As others have previously said, he threw a hissyfit when Warner Chappell claimed he was using a very similar version of ‘The Imperial March’ music in his first Vader Fan Film - of which Warner Chappell own the licencing rights to.

Instead of doing what most fan film editors or fan editors would do, and remove the offending short piece of music - or replace it, he used the situation to kick up a massive long-running furore over it, which he documented in a series of youtube videos and social media posts… as a massive PR stunt for himself and his fan film.

(Which he repeatedly let everyone know cost a LOT of his money, to the point where it seemed he was hinting at/asking for money to cover his outlay? ‘I’ve spent a lot of money on this fan film, by the way, here is my patreon and merch’ type of statements)

His previous claims as to being in communication with Lucasfilm and other companies are apparently without any proof or copies of the supposed correspondence. He was also seemingly caught out referring to non-Star Wars companies as being ‘Lucasfilm’ or ‘Disney’, and incorrectly claiming Disney as being the company that had made the claim on the music used in his video - where it was music licensees Warner Chappell. Still, who needs facts when you’re chasing clicks, fame, ad-revenue?, and promoting your content? (cough)

He was very clever throughout; a lot of hearsay, claims and emotions - with appeals aimed to those who have issues with Disney / modern Star Wars / SJWs? etc - but provided no proof of communications with Lucasfilm, Disney or other companies he claimed he was in correspondence with, at all.

Many others didn’t believe his claims too, though he has done quite well out of them.

Though that’s just my two cents on it.

And now he’s back for more? Hopefully he won’t be creating dramas promoting his fan film this time around, but I wouldn’t bet on against it. Though if this Vader II fan film is as average as the first one, he’ll likely need something to take the focus of its ‘mehness’.


btw - there are some cool fan films in that thread ooj linked to - and also an index of fan films with individual threads on here too 😃