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18-Jun-2020, 1:40 PM

MoviesGamesMusic said:

Hi Andreas

How are the edits for movie 4 & 5 going? Any eta on them yet? Also…

I saw you mention in a previous post that you would consider uploading your edits with the original GOT soundtrack intact. Did you ever manage to do that in the end?

Just interested to see the difference in how it would compare to your original concept for the movie cuts with LOTR music. Maybe they could be added as an alternative music track. Not sure how difficult that would be for you.

Look forward to the next release in any regard.

Many thanks

Film IV is so near completion you can smell it. Tiny nitpicks being cleaned up, and then I will render the final product.

Film V should not take as long as Film IV, as it’s been worked on at the same time, but it’s further behind.

I did try to create the first film with the original GoT soundtrack, but the problem was then and is now that the Game of Thrones OST does not contain enough cinematic scope to create - what i envisioned - to be film epic’s of the TV series. The Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit soundtrack does cover this, as well as the fact that it contains some of the most engaging, beautiful and magical music ever put to film.