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YouTube/Vimeo/etc... Star Wars video finds
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16-Jun-2020, 7:06 AM
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Star Wars Prequels - How The Original Trilogy Described Them’:- - at Hardstone Media youtube channel. (7 minutes)

The blurb:-

‘This summary of rewriting the Star Wars Prequels now brings together what we’ve learned about the Stage, Story and Characters from the Original Trilogy, and put it together for an overview story of the prequels.’


Also from the same Hardstone Media youtube channel…

‘These videos will review how to rewrite the star wars prequel trilogy by looking at how the original trilogy described the events that occurred before it. We won’t be looking at the problems or how to fix the star wars prequel trilogy, delivered by George Lucas, rather we’ll look through what needs to be included what facts, events, characters and themes need to be included’:-

‘Rewriting the Star Wars Prequels - Part 1 of 4’ : - 8 mins.

‘Rewriting the Star Wars Prequels - Part 2 of 4’ : - 8 mins.

‘Rewriting the Star Wars Prequels - Part 3 of 4’ : - 11 mins.

‘Rewriting the Star Wars Prequels - Part 4 of 4’ : - 11 mins.

^ some good dry humour in these videos 😃



They’ve also formulated some intriguing ideas for an Episode I re-write (more inkeeping with the Original Trilogy), which can be found…

‘STAR WARS Episode I Part I - Fate of the Republic’ - - 12 mins.

‘STAR WARS Episode I Part II - Fate of the Republic’ - - 11 mins.