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The random Pics & GIFs thread for the Original Trilogy
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14-Jun-2020, 1:34 PM
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ZkinandBonez said:

Gonk-DB94 said:

ZkinandBonez said:

oojason said:

^ by Mr Garcin -

I have to say that I find this far less awesome after finding out that the artist actually cuts up comics to make these. Maybe I’m a bit “priggish” (not sure what the correct term is) about these things, but that seems like a really silly way to pay homage to something you like, especially when there’s other ways to accomplish this without having to vandalize actual comics. I’d also imagine it would get pretty costly, even if mostly reprints were used?

Does he not use photocopies of the comics for his art? (and not use the actual comics themselves)

You’d think so, but I found a few YT videos of his and the cutouts had images on the other side suggesting that he cuts actual comics. Plus there’s a photo on his website of him cutting up a fairly old comic as well.

Disappointing to learn of that, mate.



Gonk-DB94 said:

‘unstoppable Star Wars opening crawl’: (with audio)


Quality 😃