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Is it Lucas, or Fox, who has prevented the restored OOT release?
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14-Jun-2020, 6:24 AM
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14-Jun-2020, 10:39 AM
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TawnyMadison said:

Here’s an article I wrote about this whole issue in 2011, for anyone who’s interested! 😃

Hi, and a belated welcome to the site, Tawny.

I really enjoyed reading your article, it brought back a lot of memories from around the time - and also found it a quality read. Thank you for posting a link to it on here.

Lucasfim’s continuing silence on the issue of release for the unaltered theatrical version has always been baffling to many of us (whether an update, detail information, or just an answer to the countless requests they still receive asking for an official release of the OOT). After all, being open, honest and transparent on an issue they have previously acknowledged to be of importance to many fans… all whilst making new content and associated content on the GFFA for the same fans to buy and experience… is probably the least they could do.

With the exception of unofficial and oblique remarks by the likes of Pablo Hidalgo - “There’s one pretty noteworthy person who doesn’t want them released. Shouldn’t be too hard to research who that is.”, and JJ Abrams - “I’ve been told that, for reasons that I don’t quite understand, that that’s not necessarily possible.”, the last statement from Lucasfilm (that I can recall; it is Sunday morning and I haven’t had my coffee as yet) was their somewhat disingenuous Press Release back in 2006 ?

It seems Lucasfilm are unwilling to address the issue at all, and instead are content to release unannounced new Special Edition versions of the Original Trilogy - with more changes (re the 2019 SE version release on Disney+). That, along with a vast array of other content for the GFFA - much of which is underpinned on those three iconic films… which we cannot have the option to purchase and enjoy in their original theatrical form.

Which is obviously a great shame for us fans - as we all love, respect and admire Lucasfilm and everyone connected with making these much-loved original groundbreaking movies, whilst also appreciating their work and content since - and yet…

…for Lucasfilm, a simple question from the fans is seemingly too much for them to provide an answer to.

Hope you enjoy the ‘People vs George Lucas’ doc 😃