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The vintage (and not so vintage) OOT T-shirt thread
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12-Jun-2020, 6:42 PM
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12-Jun-2020, 6:49 PM
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canofhumdingers said:

I know many more versions have been made since, but this was the original “han shot first” t-shirt, sold by pvponline. I had this one for many years and it’s now part of a quilt made from some of my favorite worn out t shirts.

In fact, I just remembered I had an old photo of me wearing this available. I don’t mean to sound boastful but I am kinda proud of this one. It’s me in the LoC holding the copyright deposit print of my favorite single reel of film ever made (reel 6 of ESB if its too small to read).

No offence - you should really see a doctor about your face 😉 (though it does go well with the t-shirt!)

Ah man, that must have been some moment being in the LoC holding the print… ❤️

Cool choice of t-shirt too!


Cobra Kai said:

Oh man, thanks for posting this! I’ve always loved that Mcquarrie design and wished they would make a t-shirt like that again.

No worries mate - they have a large collection of Star Wars t-shirts, and other franchises too.

They’ll also make t-shirts for you if you put up a design 😃

(I don’t often go to teepublic anymore though - I just spend too much time browsing the many designs and seeing far too many t-shirts I’d like to buy!)

My last t-shirt bought from there (but in dark grey)…