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Ranking the Star Wars films
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11-Jun-2020, 3:03 PM

KumoNin said:

I think the only thing more confusing to me than putting TLJ last are people who like the sequels and put TLJ as the worst of the three. You’re the former of these two confusing cases, but I am curious, have you rewatched it since it came out?

I’m someone who likes the sequels and puts TLJ as the worst. It’s not too complicated reasoning for me. I can sit back and enjoy the OT as well-made movies. I can also sit back and enjoy the ST as well-made movies. I cannot say the same for the PT, as funny as the memes are, so I put it behind the ST. Now to break apart the movies, I enjoy TFA and TROS much more than TLJ. TLJ is well-made but it’s not fun to watch. It tries too hard for my liking, with way too many characters and subplots that don’t mesh well at all. TFA is a retread of ANH, but it has fun while doing it. TROS is an admittedly bad story, but it’s so bad it becomes fun to watch.

On rewatch, I really tried to enjoy the concepts presented in TLJ, because on paper they do sound good. But when I rewatched it just didn’t work for me. The only parts I find worthwhile are Luke, Rey, and Ben. Still, it’s better than the PT, which is very dull and not fun whatsoever.