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My personal edit of A New Hope: Hal 9000 + Adywan + Rogue One + sc38 reimagined (V1 Available, V1.1 and V2 WIP)
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11-Jun-2020, 7:15 AM
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28-Aug-2020, 7:14 PM
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I decided to take a crack at a fan edit without prior experience in video editing. I learned a little bit from tweaking a fan edit of Episode III, but I really learned a lot about editing and got a feel for it from doing this cut.

The basis of this fan edit was Hal 9000’s Custom Special Edition of A New Hope. From there, I added several things from Adywan’s Revisited edit, like the Deathstar reveal where it’s above a planet (I then had to replace the other original shots of the Deathstar with Adywan’s for the sake of consistency. Up until when the Deathstar travels to the Alderaan system.)

Certain shots from the Cantina scene were also replaced with Adywan’s, like Greedo and Han’s conversation (The coloring in Adywan’s version of ANH is very different, so there’s a bit of inconsistency there. Not jarring however, imo.) I liked how Adywan made the aliens in the Cantina blink and more expressive. Only some shots were replaced to keep the changes subtle.

A somewhat big change is instead of Obi-Wan cutting off Baba’s arm, he cuts of Evazan’s. This was an edit from Adywan that I liked since we all are used to the fact that lightsabers instantly cauterize wounds. Yes, Aqualish are different in that their wounds aren’t easily cauterized, but if you were showing ANH hope to a Star Wars newbie (or just someone who hasn’t seen ANH or doesn’t remember every detail), I find that this change doesn’t require explaining that fact to them. The change keeps consistency with the rest of the franchise and isn’t completely lore-breaking.

I added The Clone Wars force-choke sound effect to Vader force-choking Admiral Motti.

I added this to the sequence of the Death Star detroying Alderaan, but I removed the shot of Jar Jar and Bail Organa (I think that’s supposed to be him) and I kept the original 2011 SE explosion. In a future version, I’ll remove the extra footage since it doesn’t work as much as I would’ve liked it to, and because the sequence is very low quality.

As for the addition of Rogue One and sc38 reimagined, I decided to edit them in the same way that the video linked below showcases (Though for sc38 reimagined, I added a side swipe and some transitional music between “Open the blast doors!” and Obi-Wan vs Vader in the hallway.)

I took the 3D 20th Century Fox logo from video linked above, but I replaced the second logo with Adywan’s 3D 20th Century Fox logo and the Lucasfilm logo from his Empire Strikes Back Revisited.

I didn’t like the quality of Darth Vader’s breathing in the intro, so I replaced it with a higher quality version that I got from here:
I couldn’t find the slow Imperial March theme, so I just went without it. I think it works just as well. Vader’s breathing is creepy on its own, and the slight echo only adds to it.

In the beginning sequence of the Storm Troopers boarding the Tantitive IV, I cut a bit of the Rebels looking up at the ceiling when the Star Destroyer is bringing the Tantitive IV closer. I wanted to speed up the beginning sequence a tad bit because the Vader hallway scene from Rogue One starts us on a fast paced note, and we already saw the Rebels being boarded in that scene.

There are some other minor changes, but the majority of the changes are listed above. I am happy with the result, even though the quality of the footage from Adywan’s edit isn’t HD like Hal’s edit, and even though there are some minor audio bugs (like a small pop noise when certain sound clips play/end) since I used kdenlive instead of Premiere (kdenlive is free). In my next version, I will be using less footage from Adywan and I’ll make sure there won’t be any sound bugs.
I don’t have it uploaded on Google Drive at the moment, as uploading takes a long time and other people use the wifi (uploading takes up bandwidth), but if anyone is interested in seeing the edit I can PM the link when it’s ready.

Edit: It’s available. Comment below a request for a link, or just PM me.

Edit 2: Thank you to those who gave feedback! I’m currently working on V1.1, which will have the audio problems fixed and the Deathstar explosion reverted back to the SE version. I’m also beginning production on V2, and the basis of it will be 4K77. I won’t be using any footage from Adywan since it’s low quality and his HD version isn’t out yet, and I’ll be editing in the “good” special edition changes that Hal9000 chose. I’m going try implementing 4K 35mm footage of ANH from 1997 (The existence of this version of ANH was brought to my attention by CourtlyHades296) instead of using footage from Hal9000’s edit, just to keep things at 2160p and maintain the film reel aesthetic. The footage isn’t restored like 4K77, so I’m seeing what I can do to the scenes I need to match the look of 4K77.