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D+80 - Empire Strikes Back - 4K Theatrical Reconstruction (Released)
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10-Jun-2020, 7:59 PM

Showing your ignorance here, both of the project and of the film itself.

First up, this release is a single pass color correction of the Disney source. As in a single correction for the whole film. You are very welcome to color correct each scene to your own liking, but that was/is never the intention of this project. Maybe read up on the project?

Secondly, Hoth was always blue it was never white. Check the original film sources. Yes snow is white, but when lit it looks blue. Are the scenes in D+80 too blue? Maybe. But Hoth was never intended to be white even in 1980.

For someone who calls themselves a purist you really don’t seem to know your facts about the film’s original colors.