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ALIEN: REDUX - The Virtual Workprint (Released)
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9-Jun-2020, 9:28 PM

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cosmicjazz said:

When I first did my edit it was only the second time I had attempted such a thing. For ages I wanted to at least go back to my original files spread across 20 DVDs and at least do a remaster. But I recently imported those files to my PC and I’m not happy with the quality. So I’m doing a reconstruction from better source materials. This will included fixing some glitches and making some changes to my edit.

Stay tuned.

Looking forward to this, are these from BD or DVD sources?

Bluray for the regular footage. But most of the deleted footage is SD quality. I’m finding lots of little glitches from the initial edit that I’m fixing now as well.

Would Topaz Gigapixel AI be of use in dealing with the SD deleted scenes?

Never heard of it actually

I’d be happy to help you upscale some stuff, I’ve been messing around with upscaling DS9 and come up with some pretty good techniques to get the most out of Topaz Video Enhance AI. Just chuck me a PM if you’re interested

Do you have your own copy of Topaz? I downloaded it and it was too much for my PC. So I ended up paying Topaz themselves and uploaded a bunch of the cut scenes and I honestly didn’t see that much of a difference in the quality.