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Llirael Moroth
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The Rise of Skywalker: Ascendant (Released)
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8-Jun-2020, 8:18 AM

I want to remind some neat idea of simple restructuring to make beggining of the film feel smoother and calmer. We can have Rey training scene following the Senate and Kylo conversation when they mention her, then after Falcon is mentioned we witnes this mission. This way, I think, movie flows more natural and has logical starting point, as in ANH where we follow droids to learn another pieces of a story.

It should also give more freedom to opening crawl cos both Rey and Falcon mission will be mentioned in the movie right before we see them. It should work regardless of shortening Falcon scene, restructuring Kylo vision, Palpatine lines or finding a wayfinder.

There are some rough concepts of tranzitions that I made some time ago testing some awsome ideas from this forum.

The Senate mentions Rey:

Falcon mission mentioned:

Falcon is back: