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Cameron Samurai
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Avengers: Cosmic Quest
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8-Jun-2020, 6:06 AM

hbenthow said:

Cameron Samurai said:

Obviously I missed my Christmas release window, that’s because the DVD came a little late (sometime around mid-January), and I got caught up with other projects. I recently found the time the last few weeks, I pieced together the edit on it’s own, but then a different idea occurred to me, and I might end up combining it with Infinity War.

I’m probably going to do a combined 2-in-one edit where past Thanos doesn’t show up after Thor kills the present version , and when the world is restored by Hulk, there is no final showdown.

Is there any chance of you doing both versions? They both sound interesting.

I have been working on two versions actually, one’s about 4 hours long even without the final battle. Would you be interested in the Endgame portion on it’s own even if it’s just a time-travel yarn with no real sweeping battle?