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act on instinct
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What is the main Star Wars Saga about?
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7-Jun-2020, 1:46 AM

There is a benefit to structure in that it orients the storytelling and allows your fantastic world to still be understood, of course not every character or moment requires its ancient mythological analogue to count as a story, the movies aren’t just about strict adherence to formula, but those reference points are extremely reliable and both the OT and PT utilized them to form their arcs. The ST is more than just a collection of scenes, there are themes, but it feels more disjointed between films and (for me at least) it’s much harder to pin down the overall arc of the trilogy, harder still a unifying arc to the saga.

You could also say Star Wars is about good vs evil and leave it at that for a one-size-fits-all answer, I feel like that’s a little reductive, even to say it’s about doing the right thing still leaves the actual moral underneath, what is the right thing to do?