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Enter The Dragon - Theatrical Version Preservation (Released)
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5-Jun-2020, 10:13 PM

Babu freeek said:
Does anyone know which cut of GOD this is? It has the happy ending but the fight with JHJ is at the final act instead of in the middle of the film.

I have this version on a Taiwanese VCD. It’s almost identical to the original Hong Kong version, so I would presume that it was re-cut in order for it to make more sense and restore the intended order of the fight scenes. This was the version shown in Taiwan until the late 90s when the Singapore/Malaysia version replaced it. The Japanese Blu-ray claims to contain the “Hong Kong” and “Taiwanese” versions of the film. I can confirm that this is not true. The Taiwanese print available on the Blu-ray is just another print of the Singapore/Malaysia cut. This version has replaced all of the other existing Cantonese/Mandarin prints. Such a shame!