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Enter the Matrix Reloaded (Released)
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3-Jun-2020, 10:59 AM
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27-Nov-2021, 6:16 PM
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Hi everyone, I am excited to announce that I have completed an extended cut of The Matrix Reloaded using most of the filmed footage from the video game, Enter the Matrix. This adds in the story Niobe, Ghost, and Sparks (which was a somewhat minor part in Reloaded). I think this makes the narrative of Reloaded more complete.

PM me for a link and let me know what you think 😃

V2 OUT NOW! V1 was more of a proof of concept. This is much more refined!

v2 uses the 4k remastered version of Reloaded as the primary source.
The scenes from Enter the Matrix have been upscaled, color graded to match the remastered version, and has a layer of film grain added.
v2 is also in 5.1 surround with the audio from Enter the Matrix remixed for surround.

*This edit is still in 720p to let the added scenes fit in better, but a 1080p version could be rendered out in the future as the upscaling did a pretty great job.

Color grading examples (it looks drastic, but matches the new color grading from the remaster quite well):

Theatrical: 2hr 18min
This Edit: 2hr 38min

*Most of these scenes have been reordered drastically from v1 for improved pacing and minimal confusion. The overall editing, video, and sound quality is a huge step up from v1.
03:51 - Niobe and Ghost Jack in.
07:51 - Last Transmission of the Osiris.
10:35 - Niobe and Ghost join the meeting in the Matrix (edited to remove unnecessary dialogue eluding to a mission from the game).
14:51 - Members of the meeting fleeing.
16:22 - “Is the exit clean?” scene.
16:32 - “72 hours” scene.
17:57 - The Logos returns to Zion.
19:03 - Lock and Niobe.
44:43 - Seraph fighting Ballard.
48:20 - Lock telling Niobe to stay.
01:15:05 - Jack in, find the One, jack out.
01:36:38 - Off to the freeway (replaces the theatrical scene of Niobe talking to Link, music from Mona Lisa Overdrive added in the background for continuity).
01:50:10 - Ghost and Niobe jack out of the Matrix, Sparks says Morpheus needs their help again.
01:51:23 - Scene of Lock in the control room, Ghost and Niobe joining Morpheus, other ships getting in position, and a shot of Bane cutting his hand.
02:00:28 - Ghost and Niobe jack out of the Matrix after blowing up the power plant, see Bane about to set off the EMP.
02:20:59 - Sparks says that the Nebuchadnezzar crew isn’t responding after Neo, Morpheus, and the Keymaker use a back door. Seraph calls and tells Niobe to go to the Oracle.
02:21:59 - Niobe meets with the “new” Oracle.

Enter the Matrix material cut from v1 for pacing/logic:
The full “Niobe and Ghost join the meeting in the Matrix” scene.
Sparks reacting to the incoming agents.
Lessons of the Oracle scene.
Niobe’s line “You ain’t done yet.”
Sparks warns Ghost and Niobe before they get hit.
Sparks says “Oh I can’t watch this” then proceeds to stare at his monitor before the two semi trucks collide.
“Picnicking Sentinels” are coming for the Logos (the way the scenes have been restructured to flow better in this version leaves no room for this scene).
Removed the post-credit scene of Ghost and Niobe discussing if anyone will find them since the “Picnicking Sentinels” scene is scrapped.

Bonus Material:
The complete Enter the Matrix scene collection with AI upscaling and 5.1 surround enhancements (sans color grading).
Full 2003 Charlie Rose interview with the Matrix cast and producers discussing the film (I enjoyed this interview a lot and figured more Matrix fans should check it out).