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STAR WARS: Episode I - THE ANCIENT LORE [Episode I Remade /Proj started: 2014] (WIP)
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1-Jun-2020, 9:00 AM

TAL V2: As promised.

I did promise you all a V2 after some reflecting and analysis, both on my part and the audience’s. I also promised you 5.1 audio channels and to listen to feedback. This has been the priority.

I can therefore announce that V2 is officialy in the works, and that a great deal of major decisions have been made:

  • The major re-scoring is heavily trimmed down, and as much of The Phantom Menace OST that i can keep, I will keep. This does not include score additions that made the film better and that was greatly liked - such as The Invasion of Naboo.

  • ALL bugs, errors and weird scenes will be removed and/or fixed.

  • The additional scenes with Maul in the forest, killing Jedi, will go. Too fanfilm-y. The scene with him talking to Sidious MIGHT be kept. Let’s see how it looks once worked upon.

  • The new scenes that DID work, like the opening - Maul talking to hologram Sidious on Tattooine - the ending battle sequences, The Invasion of Naboo etc. will obviously be kept. These made the films a lot better, and were changes that were indeed a welcome one.

  • I’m open for adding back in some deleted scenes.

But most importantly, I’m very much opening The Ancient Lore feedback stream again; so do come with suggestions, and loads of them, if you please. 😃

My goal is still to make this into the best, and most radical, The Phantom Menace film there is.