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Game of Thrones: An Honorable Cut (Released)
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1-Jun-2020, 7:22 AM

Just an update:

I know I said I’d have versions without subtitles for the last few chapters by the end of May - and now that time has passed, unfortunately I don’t have these ready right now, but it is because I’ve been working through all the seasons to create a HD version of all the chapters. In this new HD version I will be amending any errors I made in the original movies, including the subtitles in the last few chapters. This will still be done by the end of July, and I will be uploading each chapter as I go along. I’ll keep you all updated about it via PM. Thank you everyone for enjoying the original movies despite the quality! I just thought it was pointless to amend the subtitles but keep it low quality, and then go back to it again when I make it HD. At the moment I’m just cutting all the footage, and in a couple of weeks I’ll be compiling it into the chapters, and once that happens you will see me uploading a new movie every 1-2 days!