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Terrible DVD/Blu-ray Cover Art
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28-May-2020, 9:19 PM

Here’s one for one of my favorite films:

Not sure why this exists. The cover is a reference to the character Ash’s job as a supermarket employee, so it looks like it was packaged into a brown paper bag. This DVD is essentially a re-release of the limited Director’s Cut edition of the film and THAT DVD looks like this:

As far as I can tell, the DVD image of the Official Bootleg edition is identical to the original Director’s Cut. Same features, same DVD menu and the film starts up right away skipping the menu, although the DVD label is designed to resemble a DVD-R. You can observe that the “hardwritten” back cover is replicating the back of the original Director’s Cut release, and you can even see at the top of of the OB edition where the top parts of the DC DVD are showing. As well, the chapter titles DVD insert resembles a handwritten shopping list torn from a note pad, whereas the DC insert is more traditional.

It’s clear that this was re-released because the DC DVD were a limited run (the image above shows 5,000 copies, but my copy shows that there were at least 40,000 made), but I don’t understand why change the packaging design. On one hand, it’s a neat little novelty release. On the other, as a kid (and today) I always thought the original DC DVD looked way cooler than the OB edition and it was EXTRA cool that the plastic case itself was gold coloured as opposed to the standard black, so my perception was that the copy we had was low rent, which I guess was what they were going for by making a bootleg aesthetic part of it’s design.

But, as an adult I possess both versions, so I have no reason to complain anymore.