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Darth Giacomo
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The Eopie fart joke appriciation thread (Formerly "Revenge of the Sith and inconsistencies with my memory - wipe transition?")
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27-May-2020, 8:33 PM

Broom Kid said:

Hal 9000 said:

In the extended podrace intro, the farting animal is extended to wonderful effect. It’s a hell of a fart there.

That thing is taking an invisible shit. I wonder if they got cold feet at the last second and decided not to render the actual fecal matter. I don’t remember ever seeing that before, but that’s pretty obviously intended to be a poop joke, not a fart joke. Now I’m imagining the conversation in the edit room where they have to cut that gag down and make it “clean”

Which reminds me - I’m pretty certain Anakin actually says “oh shit” in this shot at :50

I can’t hear anything, but it does look like he’s saying something that got muted in post to me, but I could be wrong.