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The Rise of Skywalker: Ascendant
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27-May-2020, 9:35 AM

Hal 9000 said:

jonh, I want you to send me some audio. You need to be included in this. It can just be a simple “Ship or crew or person name standing by”. If it weren’t already a ship name with crew to recognize I’d say “the Ghost” would have been perfect.

Poppasketti, FWIW (and I’m afraid the finer details may elude me), I like Option A’s trajectory and lightspeed jump but E’s little boost of the engines partway through. But I’m happy with whatever consensus emerges about the shot. Both are incredible.

Thanks to all with the audio submissions and getting appropriate effects onto them. We’re taking a liberty to expand them to the left and right channels rather than just the center. I like axlanian’s, as he kept my line placements more or less. Personally I don’t want to open with a prominent “9000 crew standing by”, not only because it’s my voice but because it’s a little too meta. So the line is there but it’s a bit buried. Could also be confusing, as though the whole informal fleet is being referred to as the ‘9000 Crew.’

So, the “For Skywalker” line had to be pruned, so further submissions should be check-in’s or other chatter.

And since it came up in Dom’s thread, in my head the primary version of this project will retain Rey Palpatine. This will be the conservative style that has served me well. But, I plan to release a Rey Nobody edit, perhaps at a later time, once that idea is completed by whomever, with an eye toward Dom’s project.

hahah I’ll be happy to send it to you … one thing, what exactly do I say? tell me and I record it!