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The Last Jedi: A ST One-Film Edit
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27-May-2020, 9:08 AM

Lifeincontext said:

Here’s a new version of the ending. Based on some feedback, I tried to find an effective new arrangement of the Tatooine/Broom Boy clips. I found a moment I thought was interesting. Let me know what you guys think!
PW: fanedit

This is great!

Really sorry to be THAT guy (!), but I’m still not entirely sure the initial Broom Boy scene placement fully works pacing-wise. It’s definitely a very cool idea: while Rey pauses, considering her place in the galaxy and Luke’s legacy, this is then mirrored by seeing Luke’s legacy in action, inspiring hope; we cut back to Rey taking the Skywalker name and effectively concluding her and Luke’s arc - great stuff! However, I feel like cutting away to Broom Boy stuff for 30 seconds effectively in the middle of a conversation (“who are you?” / “Rey Skywalker”), doesn’t quite work and feels a bit choppy. We’re expecting an answer from Rey, and instead we cut away to a totally different scene which we’ve never seen before (unlike in your previous version, where we are introduced to the Broom Boy scene in much more of a natural break).

Again, sorry for the lack of solutions!