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Articles & info that highlight / call for a classic version release of the Original Trilogy
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26-May-2020, 10:04 PM
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27-May-2020, 7:11 AM
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Here’s one from last December’s New York Times

’We Can’t See ‘Star Wars’ Anymore’

The cultural industry that the 1977 film spawned has ground its original charm and wonder out of existence.

“We literally can’t see “Star Wars” anymore: Its control-freakish creator won’t allow the original version of the film to be seen and has stubbornly maculated his own masterpiece, second-guessing correct editing decisions, restoring wisely deleted scenes and replacing his breakthrough special effects — historic artifacts in their own right — with ’90s vintage C.G.I., already more dated than the film’s original effects.”

As of now this article requires you to be subscriber to the NYT.