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The X-Files Mythology collection
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26-May-2020, 7:06 PM

Making The X-Files Mythology more consistent. Episodes done so far:

-New pre-titles sequence
-Cut scenes of the 2 teenagers.
-Trimmed a few dialogue scenes.
-The abduction scenes now happens off-screen, so it’s a surprise as to who the abductor is.
-Got rid of most of the fade-to-blacks.
-Added a neck snap for when #spoiler# dies, just to make their death more definitive.
-Added a post-credits scene.
Runtime: 39 minutes.

Gethsemane and Redux 1 and 2.
-Trimmed dialogue scenes.
-Rearranged Redux 2 so it makes more sense and it allowed me to get rid of the fake Samantha.
-Got rid of most of the fade-to-blacks.
-Cut out a few scenes that don’t have Mulder or Scully in them.
-Trimmed CSM’s supposed death so that his survival is more believable.
-Cut out most of Bill Scully JR because he’s such an unlikeable character.
Runtime: 97 minutes.

Red Museum
-Get rid of pre-credits scene.
-Get rid of alot of things.
Runtime: 29 minutes.