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Star Wars: The Clone Wars To Return With New Episodes
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25-May-2020, 8:52 PM
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I suspect we have a dedicated thread somewhere back when it was current, so I won’t derail this one too much further. I’ve made it through season one. I’ll say this: with God as my witness (and that carries some weight coming from a Sicilian Catholic), I really enjoyed this. I’m unwashed in the Prequel story and characters, save for the very well known, so there were some areas where I was lost. Nothing that Google and Wookiepedia weren’t able to clear up.

A quick sort of ranking: The Hidden Enemy was my favorite episode. I dug the sort of who dunnit vibe and the more cerebral aspects away from heated battles. Likewise for most of the episodes where the clones are the focus of the story. I find all that very interesting. Again, not having seen them in the films, I didn’t have to reconcile their portrayal with anything pre-existing.

To that end, As discussed earlier, I didn’t dislike any of the characters and think all are much better served than the film versions (I’ve seen only clips of the films, but have always thought they were terribly written, directed, and acted).

That’s not the case with Clone Wars. I’d also like to take this moment to mention I was wrong on my early assessment that the show is a ” visual-first, story-second style of storytelling“. That may have been true for the first couple of episodes, but there is significant story now that it’s going.

Last but by no means least; Ahsoka just about makes the entire show. Her story feels like a major artery running through and connecting everything. If this is where she was introduced, it was a master stroke. Starting season two in a few hours. I may or may not add much to this beyond favorite episodes or arcs.