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The Rise of Skywalker: Ascendant (Released)
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24-May-2020, 10:52 PM

wakeupkeo said:

Hello editors, new to posting here, but have been fan-editing for a few years now on (mostly just workprints for my personal collection.) I am a huge fan of the Hal9000 Star Wars edits, they are definitive for me!

I have been watching this thread and just finished my own full trilogy edit. I am sure this is not the place to post but this is the thread I have been reading so I thought it was right to share here.

One thing that I haven’t noticed anyone mention but seems ok with the amount of changes being discussed:
I moved the moment of Ben reviving Rey to BEFORE she beats Palps. I am sure everyone here can take this idea and make it better, if it works at all.

Again, I have nothing but admiration for what everyone is contributing! I know when this is all done, the result of the group effort will be amazing.

This right here is Absolutely brilliant. his death feels more appropriate, it adds more weight to the climax, you can add leia’s voice as well as her ghost and Even bens ghost to the confrontation. I think there needs to be some edits of Palpatine laughing or reacting but otherwise great idea, and maybe put the voices of all the Jedi to when she’s reflecting the lighting