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Reel Reviews - from :F:D: & TN1
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24-May-2020, 9:00 PM

One of the Film Edit Types observed only in Reel 1 was explained in a story told by Star Wars editor Paul Hirsch to Brandon Wainerdi of the Talking Bay 94 podcast.
As an article for the Reel Reviews we’ve transcribed and illustrated that part of their podcast interview:

Reel Review - Article “Talking Bay 94’s Interview with Paul Hirsch”
“The Wonkish Negative Cutter Splice Over Splice Affair” Illustrated

Here is a picture of this ‘Wide-Orange’ Edit Type which turned out to be a splice over splice error fix:

…and I wonder if the repetitive fixation of the 3po sky (change multiple times in the Special Editions) might have been born out of seeing this wide edit show up in dailies.