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The Rise of Skywalker: Ascendant
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24-May-2020, 11:30 AM
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24-May-2020, 11:39 AM
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DarthYcey said:

Eh, I’ve seen the Battle of the Heroes and DotF music mentioned multiple times here, but personally don’t know why we’d want to borrow a prequel-specific theme for the final Kylo/Rey duel.

-This is suppose to be the ending of all episodes, it should also include PT OST, not only OST from the OT.

-DOTF was promised in several tv spots:

-DOTF is the most emblematic and epic lightsaber duel soundtrack of the entire saga, and it should be in the final lightsaber duel.

-Kylo v Rey duel is suppose to be a motif to Anakin’s and Obi-wan Duel in mustafar

-This movie doesn’t have anything meaningful to say and is just fan service, the more fan service that could be included that helps to tie the entire saga, the better.

-Myself and a lot of people wanted/expected DOTF in that movie as john williamns promised that every iconic soundtrack of SW was going to be in TROS.

-DOTF is awesome is a shame that only is present in 2 of 9 films.

-Hal9000 if you don’t really want DOTF in the main TROS audio, at least put an alternative audio that includes it, for those who really want it in the movie (like myself) :d.