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Help: Twin Dragons 1992 - Jackie Chan - Uncut Original English Dub (a WIP)
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23-May-2020, 7:09 PM

Jackie Fan said:

did you manage to get a hd version of twin dragons?

What other jackies do you have?

I’ve got the HD uncut version but its in Russian. You can hear the original old English Dub in the background which is infuriating to say the least. I’m not sure if there is software out there that can somehow remove the Russian lector sound and enhance the English audio? Probably some government level software could do it but that’s another story lol.
And to answer your question I pretty much have all of the good Jackie Chan movies from the HKL DVD releases, Blu Ray 88 Films releases and Eureka Blu Ray releases. 88 Films and Eureka have done a stellar job in remastering some of the classics. Still wish one of them would get the lost gem Twin Dragons and give it a proper remaster with the original English dub. Here’s hoping.