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The Last Jedi: A ST One-Film Edit
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23-May-2020, 6:59 AM

Lifeincontext said:

Ending V2
PW: fanedit

See above post for a play-by-play.

Also, parts of it are still very rough. Apologies.

I’m watching this as someone who knows nothing about editing, but it feels a bit odd, right the end, for the Falcon to appear to go into hyperspace in the Tatooine shot with the twin suns, and then appear to do so again when broom boy is looking up. Have we jumped slightly back in time at the beginning of broom boy’s last scene? Or is the Falcon jumping twice for some reason? Like I say, I’m just a viewer not a creator, but it feels a little odd for me.

I really appreciate you doing this though! It’s a fantastic idea!