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Chase Adams
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The Rise of Skywalker: Ascendant
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22-May-2020, 10:57 PM

Just thought I should let Poppasketti know that the shot of Vader’s TIE next to Luke’s X-wing is my new desktop wallpaper. 😉

As for convincing Hal to use it as well, whilst the Empire did construct more of them just not in mass amounts, it can probably be assumed that the actual TIE belonging to Vader WAS present on the Death Star II, as it was never destroyed following Yavin and Vader could have just parked it in a hanger somewhere during one of his frequent visits to the station.

Additionally, Kylo has a lust for Vader artifacts and probably saw it sitting somewhere and said to himself, “How could I not take that baby out for a spin?!”

Finally, the entire point of that shot was to be a cheap nostagia grab to make us smile, (it certainly made my brother smile when he saw it!) Vader’s TIE chasing Luke’s X-wing is arguably one of the most iconic pieces of imagery in the original Star Wars. The shuttle inclusion whilst still looking great, don’t get me wrong, makes the entire shot make little sense in being framed in such a way. Choosing it is choosing a minor nitpick on practicality over an incredible visual spectacle. The Imperial shuttle wasn’t shown until ROTJ and even than, it made little impact visually.

But you know, that’s just my opinion. 😄