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Color matching and prediction: color correction tool v1.3 released!
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22-May-2020, 6:09 PM

DrDre said:

Colek said:

Well, then I would want to thank you once more for your work, this tool is really something great 😃

I was wondering if you do have plans on adding batch support to it and multiple threads? Like you could just make list of tests images and references to it and make them export it to LUT automatically. Could leave it overnight to do the work. I can run 8 calculations at once to hit 100% of CPU usage, but setting them up manually takes some time, so threads could be very nice thing too.

I really appriciate your hard work on this, your tool is just fantastic.

Thanks for the compliments! There may be a version with automated processing in the near future. Multithreading is not possible at this point.

Hi DrDre,

Thank you (again) for this amazing software.
Did you eventually make a version with batch support (automated processing)?