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Star Wars: The Clone Wars To Return With New Episodes
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21-May-2020, 9:17 PM

A thought as I work my way through the series - and I don’t want to make too big a deal of this: I Am Digging This! And no, that’s not the wine talking.

I have a bit of a prequel cringe every other episode or so, but nothing that has diminished how interesting and engaging this is. As I said earlier, I made the decision to make peace with that and just watch & enjoy. This is much deeper than what I vaguely remember from Phantom. The voice acting is considerably better than the Lucas films. Hats off to all who voiced the characters.

I will say at the outset: It was primarily the animation that drew me in, but I’m finding myself quite interested in the characters and storylines. I did skip episode 8 because I saw in the info paragraph that is was a Jar Jar episode. Sorry, I’m just not there yet.

That would be a few episodes later when he’s a peripheral comic relief character. To be clear, he’s still childish relief, but he was somehow less offensive than the idiotic portrayal in Phantom. I think it was the voice actor or the writing. Probably both. Plus he was used sparingly.

It’s also much more adult than I expected. There is some brutal and decidedly violent killing. No blood, but the tone and execution leave little to the imagination.

As I approach the end of the first season, I’ll say this: Clone Wars has been an extremely unexpected but pleasant surprise. I think I have four episodes to go on seasone one. I should finish up late tonight.