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Knight of Kalee
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The Rise of Skywalker: Ascendant
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21-May-2020, 6:34 PM
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poppasketti said:

Also also, for the Mustafar establishing shots, if we come up with a sequence that Hal is happy with, adding 1-2 shots, I can probably add the ties to whichever shots are chosen. Rather than mock-up so many different shots with ties though, I was thinking to wait until a sequence is cut that everyone’s on board with. The only shot that would be of questionable difficulty is the first RO shot going through the clouds, but if that cuts well with the others leading to Kylo on the ground we can try to make that work!

I think the particular shots worth a try (in sequence) are:

  • TIE Fighters/Troop transports leaving the Star Destroyer. Maybe reverting the trajectory of the TIEs for that TFA shot of Kylo’s destroyer just before Poe’s torture here
  • TIEs approaching Vader’s Castle in the first Rogue One establishing shot.
  • Or… TIEs flying past the castle when seen from behind (all shots with Krennic’s shuttle erased). The lava environment is less prominent in the second establishing shot so that might sell the transition to woodland better.

Then the sequence would lead to the already existing TIEs flying over the forest. Then to the actual fight seen in the movie.

The only continuity nitpick against it is that TIEs are nowhere to be found during the actual slaughter scene. Maybe adding some TIE flyby sounds and green lasers in the distance could help?