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Wannabe Scholar
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What other, non-SW stories do you want to write/tell?
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21-May-2020, 10:33 AM

Okay, so I do have A COUPLE ideas to talk about (finally).

The first is actually based on a fanfiction of mine, a crossover between Avatar: The Last Airbender and Bionicle called Bending the Legend ( Given just how the story is so different from either established franchise/story, I was thinking about making it into an original fantasy story/series. This original story can have science vs mystical elements, as a robot/ship crashes on a fantasy alien world that wield the typical four elements (water, wind, earth, and fire). Centuries later, a couple native kids of the alien world would come across a strange cyborg who can seemingly wield one of the four elements, except using scientific/technological means instead of mystical. Together, the trio would travel across this world to rescue a supposed chosen one (or avatar-like character) who was captured by the antagonists, members of a rival faction who wields one of the other three elements, and while doing so, our heroes would learn about this strange race of cyborgs from the stars called “humanity.” Just to change things up a bit, I’m planning to switch the genders and even elements of the characters from the original fanfiction (e.g. the female Waterbender Katara would actually be a boy who can use fire in the original story, and the villains would actually use the element of air). I’m thinking of calling the series Almanac of Almia, named after a supposed and missing “book of prophecy” (for a lack of a better term) that foretold a lot of the story’s events. I don’t know if I’ll actually get to it with my other stories, but hey it’s something in the works.

The next idea is somewhat of a fictionalized retelling of a famous Pre-Islamic poet named Antara ibn Shaddad. I admittedly only know what I can get from wiki, but the basic idea is that he is an Afro-Arab slave who was born to an Arab father and his Ethiopian slave. He grew to fame due to his strength and valor that won him his freedom as he sought the hand of a princess of his tribe, and his cousin, Abla in marriage. I honestly think it has enough potential to be an underdog story (personally, I could imagine John Boyega playing Antara if a fictional movie was ever made about him). I have been thinking doing such a thing, but I’m a bit conflicted on whether to use a historical setting with fantasy elements or a sci-fantasy retelling. The historical setting would place Antara around 550 AD as he goes out on adventures, deals with rival Arab tribes, is caught between the competing Sassanians and Byzantines, encounters magic-wielding occultists, and delves into Pre-Islamic culture of Arabia (mainly how just how disjointed the tribes were and whatnot, to be honest), e.g. destroyed kingdoms and different religions. The sci-fantasy version would have it either Antara be in a post-apocalyptic world OR an African-American in 1960s America when he’s whisked away into a grand space adventure - with lasers and swords of a typical pulpy space story - where he tries to return home to his sweetheart. I’m on the fence of which one to use but hopefully it will turn out good at the end.