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Knight of Kalee
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The Rise of Skywalker: Ascendant
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20-May-2020, 9:38 PM
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20-May-2020, 10:26 PM
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Knight of Kalee
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Yeah I have polarized thoughts about the novelization. It feels like Lucasfilm cannot make up its mind even after the saga is wrapped up. The same way TROS felt like a retcon of TLJ prompted by backlash, the TROS novelization retcons controversial stuff established in the very same movie it adapted. Like Rey’s dad not being Palpatine’s biological offspring but a rogue clone of him. Or Ben and Rey’s kiss not being romantic.

On the other hand, the novel confirms stuff that we really should implement or make clearer in any fan-edit of this film, like the fact Palpatine transferred his essence to a clone, but that body is not viable enough to fully support his power (basically, “more than a clone, less than a man”).