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Info: Films re-released with alterations
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20-May-2020, 3:16 PM

The Decimator said:

Disney+ edits to movies/TV shows:

Adventures in Babysitting: Some lines from the TV edit have made their way into this streaming version; namely, the word “homo” is replaced by “weirdo”, and “fuck” is replaced by “fool”.

The Adventures of Bullwhip Griffin: This is a somewhat obscure Western film starring Roddy McDowall. I’ve never seen it, but apparently, some racial slurs have been erased.

Free Solo: Another film I’ve never seen. The phrase “fucked up” is replaced by “messed up”. “Goddamn” is also taken out of a TV documentary in a later scene.

Gravity Falls: Season 1 episodes have mysteriously removed the symbol on Grunkle Stan’s fez. This was apparently an edit made for overseas countries that somehow made it onto our version of the streaming service.

Hannah Montana: For whatever reason, a Season 2 episode has a character’s name changed from “Isis” to “Ice”. Despite this, another character named “Isis” in an episode of Even Stevens has not been altered.

Splash: The most infamous of all the edits. All instances of nudity have been blurred out, cropped, or covered by CGI hair.

There are more examples I didn’t mention, and possibly more that nobody has discovered yet. Are any of you guys brave enough to look for more?

Santa Clause also edits out the 1-800 Spank Me scene, this originated on the DVD release but other certain streaming versions oddly enough restored the scene.

Lilo and Stitch used the UK edit of the scene where Lilo hides in a pizza box instead of the dryer

The Simpsons episode Stark Riving Dad is left off due to the Michael Jackson cameo, though I believe unfortunately this was done in all streaming sites (stemming possibly from the “documentary” HBO aired Leaving Neverland)