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The Mandalorian Episode I: The whole season as a classical Star Wars movie
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19-May-2020, 8:44 AM

Chase Adams said:

That clip looks great! I’d love a link when this project is finished!

As someone who has been experimenting with a similar idea, I know how hard it is to transition from the music build up at the end of each episode into the next scene, which is probably the only thing that seems a little off about that clip. The rest is great don’t get me wrong! But it just seems like when the episode ends, the music seems very climactic and then suddenly… transition wipe!

Your are definitely doing a better job at this show than me though! 😄


Isn’t the Mandalorian’s armour undamaged in the scene where the child eats the frog? 😬 That might be a tough problem to get around.

My plan is to go back at the end and tidy up some of the music.

As for the armour, yes its a small continuity issue, but that scene is very dimly lit so it makes it less obvious.