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Chase Adams
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The Eopie fart joke appriciation thread (Formerly "Revenge of the Sith and inconsistencies with my memory - wipe transition?")
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19-May-2020, 2:07 AM
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19-May-2020, 2:08 AM
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Chase Adams
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The Eopie sequence is yet another reason why the prequels are secretly brilliant. George employs the use of fundamental filmmaking techniques to immerse viewers into the storytelling experience and most importantly, entertain them. Let me explain, the great filmmaker Alfred Hitchcock defined the difference between mystery in a film and suspense in a film as:

“Mystery is when the spectator knows less than the characters in the movie. Suspense is when the spectator knows more than the characters in the movie."

In the case of the Eopie, there is a distinct sense of mystery surrounding the theatrical cut of the fart. We are calmly watching Jar Jar toiling away at the pod when suddenly, he is bombarded by an overpowering odour. We are surprised by this as we had never suspected such a thing to occur beforehand.

In the extended cut of the fart, we see the Eopie from the very beginning, we watch with suspense as he snorts in agony, waiting for something to happen, we know more than Jar Jar at this point and are the only ones aware of this approaching storm.

I ask you, which is more effective?