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Help Wanted: for my Clone Wars prolog - 'Begun the Clone War Has'
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18-May-2020, 3:13 PM

Knight of Kalee said:

This sounds great! The first half of the show hardly contradicts anything seen in TCW (besides the Jedi interceptor showing up earlier) so it would fit nicely in a saga marathon.

Just being curious, are you keeping the first battle with General Grievous? I think some parts of it could be trimmed to better fit with the rest of the saga, but it would be nice to include this scene considering Grievous appears from nowhere in TCW (and the fact that the modern canon has sort of acknowledged that battle as having happened).

I have thought about it and even played with it a bit. I might come back to it and include it later, especially if I can get the part re-voice acted so it matches better with the movies and shows.