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The Last Jedi: A ST One-Film Edit
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18-May-2020, 8:46 AM

idir_hh said:

You can have an establishing shot sequence that includes the outer shot of the Deathstar wreckage, the boat entering from below, wide shot of the inside of the wreckage, shot of the hallway with the storm trooper helmets, empty throne room shot - wide shot of Kylo standing in on the edge - enter Han Solo.

Flashbacks would be too overkill I think, at most I’d go for faint echoes from the throne room scene in ROTJ, “you already have, you were right about me…” etc.

These are all great ideas. I’m gonna have to get creative with a few of those shots…Rey is featured pretty prominently, and the crazy cutting doesn’t allow much space. And definitely a yes on the echoes. Thanks so much!

On another note, what did you think about #3, the idea for the flashback to the Falcon scene from TLJ?