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Help Wanted: for my Clone Wars prolog - 'Begun the Clone War Has'
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17-May-2020, 7:20 PM
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4-Jul-2020, 6:43 AM
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The official word on the Clone Wars series is that it picks up right after episode II, but that clearly isn’t the case. The goal of this edit is to fill in as much of that gap as possible. Using the 2003 Clone Wars series from Cartoon Network I have created a prolog to the 3d animated Clone Wars series that mostly fits with canon. My edit includes the battle of Muunilinst (excluding Durge), the recruitment of Assajj, the first dual between her and Anakin, Anakin’s promotion to Jedi Knight, and Padme’s gifting of R2 to Anakin. The edit is basically complete; however I need some VFX help. I need to replace Anakin’s Eta2 with his yellow Delta 7. I have created a back plate to replace the ship but I’m terrible at masking. I also have created a new ship image for the Delta 7 that needs to me mapped over the other ship in a single angle take of shot, and map R2 to the center of the ship. Its 10 seconds of film that needs the VFX work. If anyone could lend a helping hand I would appreciate it.