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17-May-2020, 12:12 AM

Thinking about Ben’s story.

I do think that in any version of this film where Ben is “redeemed”, him going to live in exile is a strong choice.

But I can’t help but wonder if his redemption is the right choice? He literally does nothing in the movies to earn a redemption. He never makes up for what he’s done, the billions of people he had killed remain dead and he makes no attempt at reparations or restitution. We never get any apology, recognition of wrongdoing, nothing…

I was a Rey/Kylo shipper until this film as for me that ship was predicated on Ben actually doing anything to make up for his evil deeds. As it is in the film he doesn’t even speak after his “redemption”, I just feel like we’re missing a lot of his story after he throws away the vader saber.

Which makes me want to cut it altogether. Just have him be dead after Rey stabs him.