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I'll never understand the attitude of people who oppose the release of the unaltered original trilogy.
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16-May-2020, 5:07 AM

A few weeks ago some guy commented on my “Gary Kurtz on the Star Wars Special Edition” youtube upload, saying:

“I completely disagree with this man’s stance.”

I asked him why and he answered:

“I love the special editions.”

I stayed polite and tried to get a more detailed argument out of him by remarking:

“That is completely fine if you love them. Which version of the Special Edition do you like the most? To this day there are four versions of Special Editions: 1997 - The first Special Edition, 2004 - The DVD Special Edition (Haydens Ghost added to ROTJ, Ian McDiarmid added to ESB), 2012 - The Blu ray Special Edition (Darth Vaders ‘NOOO’ added to ROTJ), 2019 - The Disney + Special Edition (Greedos ‘Maclunkey’ added to ANH).”

His answer:

“2019. Those are the final definitive versions.”

Since he stayed by his one-sentence-replys, i had no desire to deepen the discussion any further.