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The Rise of Skywalker: Ascendant
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15-May-2020, 1:48 PM

Knight of Kalee said:

Wow, this is seamless! Great job!

The only thing I might change would be having a more static shot of Fortress Vader in the vision itself (namely the shot from Rogue One where Krennic’s ship lands in the platform, with the ship removed). That way one could save the Mustafar/castle establishing shot for later, after Kylo finishes communing with the helmet. That way it would make the transition to the surface less abrupt. But so far it works great. Definitely a fan of moving the helmet scene to the beginning.

Thanks! I think you’re right, after watching through it a couple times I think that Vader’s Castle would need to be almost like a flash, and maybe the Wayfinder or the box should be shown right after. Then progress to showing the Luke and Han visions.