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Is it Lucas, or Fox, who has prevented the restored OOT release?
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14-May-2020, 11:20 PM
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14-May-2020, 11:33 PM
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OK so… since the whole special edition vs. theatrical release issue started, I have thought, from all that I have read (such as on, and various articles), that it was Lucas’ decision to not restore and make available the theatrical releases in high definition. I just found out tonight that my husband has thought this whole time that it is because Fox has distribution rights and they are preventing this, not Lucas. I have articles that say the former, but he looked it up tonight and is correct that until this month, Fox does have distribution rights–but is that why they haven’t been released? If so, why did Lucas give many other reasons but not that one? Can someone please clear up this mystery for us? Maybe it’s all in “People vs Lucas”?? We haven’t watched that yet.

Here’s an article I wrote about this whole issue in 2011, for anyone who’s interested! 😃