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The Mandalorian Discussion Thread - * SPOILERS *
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14-May-2020, 10:13 PM

StarkillerAG said:

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StarkillerAG said:

I don’t think 5 news outlets confirming it and an implied confirmation from the actress herself counts as “100% false”.

and nothing from Lucasfilm has actually confirmed the Boba Fett and Bo-Katan stuff.

Yeah, that stuff is kind of shakier. But Lucasfilm is notoriously secretive, and Boba Fett and Bo Katan would just make sense given that the show is called “The Mandalorian”. I’m expecting the second season to dive a lot more into Mandalorian history and culture, and feature a backdoor pilot episode for the Rebels sequel.

Those news outlets are clickbait. The actress came out with an interview and didn’t even know how to say Ahsoka’s name correctly.

Then she said:

“Someone did the art and I reposted it. Then star wars started following me. And then everybody started thinking it was a whole thing. And its literally been this internet situation. So internet, if it happens, its because of you.”

Ahsoka won’t be in this next season. That interview was posted in March of 2020 and they already shot season 2 by then.

That was Ashley Eckstein, Ashoka’s voice actress. She isn’t involved with season 2 at all, Ahsoka is being portrayed by Rosario Dawson. In another interview, Dawson said that “I’ll be very excited when it’s confirmed,” implying that she plays Ahsoka in the show, she just can’t announce it yet. Ahsoka is in the show, she just isn’t being played by the person who normally plays her.

No, I wasn’t talking about Eckstein. I AM talking about Rosario Dawson. Why would Ashley Eckstein pronounce a characters name incorrectly after playing her for 12 years? Dawson reposted an image online and people/news outlets started freaking out, that’s literally all we know. Nothing has been remotely confirmed by her or lucasfilm. In the interview I’m talking about titled “Star Wars: Rosario Dawson on Wanting to Play Ahsoka Tano”, she says ASHOKA instead of Ahsoka. Anyways I’ll guess we’re just gonna have to wait and see. 😃

I’m pretty sure you don’t know the whole story. It started out with 5 news outlets independently reporting that Rosario Dawson was going to play Ahsoka in the Mandalorian. That resulted in fans making art of Dawson as Ahsoka. Dawson reposted one of the images, and people just took that as further confirmation. The interview where she obviously talks around confirming that the rumors are true should really put aside all doubts.

Also, I’m not sure a typo in a transcript of an interview proves that she mispronounced it in the interview itself, so I wouldn’t take that either way.

Watch the video for yourself. She literally says ASHOKA out loud. If she’d been part of the production I find it hard to believe that she doesn’t know how to say her own character’s name correctly. I was wrong about the interview date though, its actually from October 2019.

But notice how in the interview she’s pushing for the fans to make this role happen. She’s not saying that she has the role. Listen to exactly what she says. “Internet, IF it happens, its because of you.” I don’t see how any of this is confirmation.

But if I’m wrong, great.