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13-May-2020, 12:19 PM
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^ Spoiler:-

The ‘How do I do this?’ on the - some info & answers to members’ queries thread may be of some assistance mate in this case mate - especially the ‘How to post a ‘spoiler’ on this site…’ section 😃

For longer walls of text type posts too…

Such as the text below, for example:-

Many people on here just like to chat Star Wars… whether that’s mainly the Original Trilogy (and also the copious continuing changes made to it over the years), or the Prequel & Sequel Trilogies, the Standalone Stories, various animated tv series, The Holiday Special (shudders), the Ewok films, literature, comics, art, soundtracks & audio, collecting, gaming, and the future of the ‘Galaxy Far Far Away’ - or members who just talk about life in general in the Off Topic sections.

A fair few people join here for a particular the Preservation Project, Fan Edit, documentary, blu ray or dvd cover etc. We ask that those who do… also have a look around; see if there are other Projects, Edits or works of interest to your liking. To give the Star Wars discussion threads a read through, or those in the Off Topic sections. To have a think about becoming a part of the community here; and consider not becoming a one-time poster… asking for a link to a project and to never be seen again.

^ If you also quote the above post you can see how it was done - a lot of ‘>>’ used at the start of each paragraph for where you wish to use lines of text - and also for paragraph spaces too 😃