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13-May-2020, 11:36 AM
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Fear and Loathing In Fantasy Mission Force (Fantasy Mission Force) - matrixgrindhouse

Man, what a rush!
For fans of old school Hong Kong this is pell mell action.
The image is not the best, 640 X 480p. Appear VHS derived.
Worse, the audio is dubbed. Actually, that makes it much funnier.
What’s missing? Why, subtitles of course. In this case, they ought to be incoherent and have nothing to do with screen activity whatsoever.
Ostensibly a mission against Axis powers, agent Jackie Chan and a horde of extras tangle with soldiers, smugglers, kidnappers, Scottish Highlanders, an inept officer corps, masked cavalry, ninjas, Amazon warriors, and, wait for it, Snake Plissken!!
“Fantasy Mission Force” was ever an insane experience.
One gathers Mr grindhouse has cut and warped this as if he were under intoxicants and hallucinogenics.
Hence, the “Fear and Loathing” prefix.
Edit is neither worse nor better than the original, though the plot condensation is stunning!